Items to pack while traveling

Items to Pack While Traveling

 How do you look like you’re a slick traveling professional, rather than a juicy tourist? The answer is to have a perfectly stocked journey bag, separate from your main luggage. This will also save you from riffling through your case while you’re on the move, which is a surefire way to attract thieves.

First, check that your travel bag and carry-on are the right sizes. Many airlines have a restrictive luggage allowance that not only covers the weight of your bag, but also its dimensions.

Check your bags for damage, like holes or broken zips. Then do a weather check for the stages of the journey, as well as your destination.

Make sure that you have a separate pocket for things like cash, cards, passport, ticket, phone and, medical scripts. These should not be easily accessible.

Email scans of them to yourself. This way, if the worst happens, you will have access to copies of everything you need.

Take cash for drinks, tips, cabs etc. and keep that in easy reach. You don’t want to be flashing all your documents every time you get a coffee.

Think about what you will wear while traveling
Don’t be tempted to wear everything you can’t fit into your suitcase, unless it’s essential.

Something with pockets that won’t look dirty too quickly is perfect. Have a couple of different layers so you can adapt to chilly air conditioning or sweltering waiting rooms. Most important of all, wear clothes that are comfortable.

Stay Fresh
Having your toothbrush handy is the best way to freshen up when traveling long distances.

The other star traveling companions are wet wipes, a small packet of tissues, and a change of underwear.

If it’s a long journey, a small towel can be a lifesaver. It’s a pillow, a shade, a blanket and, well, a towel.

If you’re going on a long haul flight, take light pajama bottoms or sweat pants and a lose t-shirt. You can change into your ‘real’ clothes again before landing, and they will be relatively fresh.

Stay healthy
Some countries require documents for pills or medicines, so take a copy of your prescriptions with any regular or emergency medicines you might need. These are also useful if you lose or forget your medication.

Think about eyewear like sunglasses and contact lenses.

Avoid boredom
You should take a book or tablet, of course, but magazines or newspapers are easily borrowed or bought along the way.

Carry a spare bag
Those bags that scrunch up into nothing are perfect for this.

And finally…

Never go anywhere without dental floss
Yes, the non-stretchy kind. From bag repair to washing line, dental floss will do the job. It’s perfect for subtly tying a security cord around your luggage, for instance. Lead for a stray dog? Book mark? Trip wire? You get the picture.

Packing dental floss will mark you out as a traveling pro, and – weighing only a few grams – it doesn’t matter if you only ever use it to floss your teeth.